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Gretsch eventually went bankrupt, then was revived in 1989 by Fred W. Gretsch ultimately sold thousands of guitars with Chet's name on the pickguard, most notably the 6120 Chet Atkins model, one of which was purchased in 1957 by a young guitar player named Duane Eddy.The worldwide success of Eddy's "twangy" instrumental records, television appearances, and extensive touring, helped expose the Gretsch guitar to the teenage rock and roll market.George Harrison, years later, would refer to this model as "the Eddie Cochran/Duane Eddy guitar".

Two other models were introduced - the Country Club, and the White Falcon.

(Note: Upon close examination of the film footage, the guitar Nesmith identifies as a Country Gentleman is actually a Gretsch Tennessean.

When the pilot episode aired, the music scenes had been re-shot.

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The Gretsch name isn't limited to only the guitar world, but thanks to rock and rockabilly they are forever linked.

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