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The consumer database on this page averages about 288 million records and 100% of the full records have full opt-in email data criteria with 23 basic columns of demographics per data record.Furthermore over 70 additional categories of "Interests" can be queried and downloaded based upon the type of website that the data recorded opted into.

And although more than 40,000 civilians were killed and about a million houses destroyed during the Blitz in London alone, we like to think that people pulled together, that neighbours helped neighbours, that somehow we muddled through.We will be back next year with three new episodes, taking us to August 15 1945 and the surrender of Japan. I was inspired to create the series after spending rather too long on shows such as 'Poirot' and 'Midsomer Murders'.Much as I enjoyed them, it became a little wearisome to spend three or four months of my life writing scripts that boiled down to ‘the butler did it’.The new Defence (General) Regulations of 1939 gave the state widespread, indeed almost dictatorial, powers.The age-old concept of habeas corpus was temporarily suspended. Under Regulation 88B, the police could stop and search any vehicle.

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