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In the month of January alone, I went on close to 15 dates with a wide range of men, from lawyers to yogis to hippies to businessmen.I dated a banker and a farmer, a cowboy (not kidding) and a meditation instructor.It's true that it could last for weeks or months or years -- or even the rest of my life.But it's also true that as soon as things stop being fun, it's time to move on.And on the flip side, I imagine that if a man isn't having fun with a woman, it's a mutual feeling.In the past, I had a negative image of having fun while dating.And what I found is that everyone has something different to say.

I started dating on and off back in December, but found it to be tedious, exhausting, challenging and for a lack of better words, completely emotionally brutal.The thing is, no one really has any idea how dating really "works." I have spent the past year of my life doing my best to decode and understand the ins and outs of dating. How many dates before having "the conversation" about going exclusive or continuing to date other people?Can I text him after the first date or do I have to wait for him to text me? And so I would turn to my friends for advice -- to call or not to call, to share my feelings or to play it cool, etc.One day, after about four dates with a guy, I felt like things were going well and assumed they were moving forward.I thought it was a great time to tell him how I felt and see what happened, but my friend literally removed my phone from my hands warning me that I would "ruin" any potential I had with him by being too honest. I recently relocated to the East Coast, and about two weeks into my time here, I decided to start dating again.

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