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Snape heard them talking after he dismissed class, but luckily, Harry listen.

Snape is always thinking about Harry, which makes for interesting classes.

Because if Harry told them the truth, that would be stranger than any lie he could tell them.

He laughed because he thought about the look on Sirius's face if Harry told him he loved Snape.

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He's learned to appreciate his friends and not take them for granted, but sometimes he'll disappear for a few hours, leaving everyone to wonder where he is, just to think.Snape has come close to calling Harry "Harry" to his face.He stopped himself, but Granger noticed he was acting odd and tried to tell Harry. After Harry killed Voldemort, he must have had so much tragedy in his life that people his own age interest him less. What happens when Snape falls in love with Harry and vice versa? It was childish to hold onto it so long and now he realizes that.

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