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The modern airy atmosphere also provides an outdoor terrace to add to the leisurely ambiance KINKI is the spot.

41 York Street, Ottawa, K1N 5S7 613-789-7559 Woody's is an urban restaurant and bar that has been a downtown hot spot in Ottawa since 1986.

Then may I suggest pilotimad, a tall and lanky 20-year-old who paints himself as “Nicest Guy You’d Ever Know,” actually a believable description after you see his photo — super-friendly looking in his oversized pilot’s white shirt and tie, hands nervously tucked in his pockets, a cute dimpled chin that could hold an eight-day rain.

On SAM, for example, a map of the area you’re in is displayed, with pins identifying where other singles are.“This is the way that people date and find each other now,” says Klotz, a married father of three.

“It’s the way it’s done for the vast majority of people.”This sort of technology has been around for more than 20 years and was already hitting the mainstream by 2010 when SAM came along, with apps users free to turn the service on or off.

”According to Klotz, 60 per cent of SAM’s users have opted for the shifting option, with the remaining 40 per cent split fairly evenly between those who want their precise location revealed and those who want it kept private.“It tells us that people love having the vicinity they’re in shown, but they don’t like it shown accurately,” he says.

A New Edinburgh resident and entrepreneur with an MBA from Cambridge, Klotz expects the shifting location software he’s in the process of patenting to be of huge interest to the likes of Facebook, Google and Twitter, making Singles Around Me, or simply the location-shifting patent, an extremely valuable commodity.

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