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But the Government was unfriendly, and Father Hofbauer offered his services to the Congregation of the Propaganda at Rome.He was sent to labour for a time in Courland Russia.One of the great means of preserving truly religious fervour among all classes of the faithful is the Archconfraternity of the Holy Family, which they establish in all their parishes.They are also most solicitous in providing well-equipped parochial schools, and they take special care of growing youth.In 1786, with his former companion, Father Hübl, he arrived at Warsaw, where the papal nuncio Saluzzo gave them charge of St.

In order to secure the salutary effects of their missions, they should, after four or five months, return to the places where they have given missions, and preach another, shorter course of sermons.

They take the simple vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, and by the vows of poverty they are bound to refuse all ecclesiastical dignities outside of the congregation.

To these vows they add the vow and oath of perseverance to live in the congregation until death.

The Redemptorists are essentially and by their specific vocation a missionary society.

According to their rule they are "to strive to imitate the virtues and examples of Jesus Christ, Our Redeemer, consecrating themselves especially to the preaching of the word of God to the poor ".

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