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Now a wanted criminal, Akhilan, despite being paralysed, somehow manages to escape from the hospital and the Malaysian police.

Akhilan and Meera then decide to finish off Love once and for all using Love's kill switch activation device which had been restored and hidden by Aayushi before she was killed.

Meera then reveals that she had been forced to take Speed by Love to work faster, but the drug caused her old memories, including those with Akhilan, to return, and she soon regained her full memory after continuous use of the drug.

Love manages to obtain a Speed inhaler while in custody and inhales it, helping her to escape and destroy the entire police station, killing everyone present including Aayushi.

One month later, Akhilan and Meera are seen enjoying a holiday cruise sponsored by the Government of Malaysia as a reward for killing Love.

After discussing their future plans, Akhilan reveals he has kept a Speed inhaler and inhales it.

Peter also reveals that a shipment of Speed inhalers is to be dispatched to Love within the next fifteen minutes.Akhilan finds out that Love had made a satellite call to Chang, the Transport Minister of Malaysia who had allowed Love to send shipments of Speed inhalers to India to perpetrate terror attacks there in return for money.He rushes to the hospital where Chang is admitted and interrogates him.An elderly Malaysian man suddenly goes ballistic and kills several Indian officers in a span of five minutes at the Indian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, before collapsing.A tattoo of a love symbol is present at the back of his neck, leading RAW officials to conclude that it is the handiwork of a criminal scientist named Love, whose identity and whereabouts are unknown to anyone except Akhilan Vinod (Vikram), a suspended RAW agent whose wife Meera George (Nayantara), a leading computer analyst at RAW, was killed by Love four years ago.

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