Dating science museum

” We’re eager to see a graduate ask one of our local scientists to autograph her card!” The intent of the game is to take the exploration off-site as well.“There are also natural links to wayfinding at the Science Center, allowing guests to use it as a map as well as a game.” Artifact’s aspirations go beyond the current app’s capabilities, and beyond Pac Sci.“We are building a list of new features to incorporate, including a digital currency/rewards system, multi-track options, and non-linear paths,” Clarity said. “We look forward to bringing it to museums, science centers and botanic gardens across the US and beyond.The free mobile app, designed for kids and teens, uses Artifact’s Bluetooth beacon technology to guide visitors through a series of scientific challenges overseen by seven virtual “mentors” — actual scientists from history.

Immediately inside the entrance you were presented with a rather grotty ‘cafe’ area along the right-hand side and then, to the left, 6235 LMS Coronation Class 4-6-2 loco ‘City of Birmingham’ which used to shuffle electronically along backwards and forwards a yard or so on the hour: sounds naff but was very impressive as a child – particularly the scale of the engine.

The next time you visit Pacific Science Center in Seattle, you’ll be able to explore it with a scientist in your pocket.

Pac Sci is partnering with Artifact Technologies for the national pilot of a museum-oriented mobile adventure game called .

“We’re also building a new tutorial.” That kind of feedback is the point of a pilot, Wheaton noted.

“We are tracking downloads, completion and engagement.

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