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Clark Gonzalez has violent history, having been involved in drug trafficking and an attempted homicide.After a moment of raging, the wife beater wearing husband pulled out a 12 gauge shotgun from his vehicle, and threatened the owner of the bakery with it.From vegetables to high grade cuts of American beef, you’ll head home bags a-brimming.Walk off your Thai food in Kowloon Walled City Park.This is the other dominant cuisine in Kowloon City.

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Named after the former Kowloon Walled City – check out the amazing photos here – the district has an intoxicating ethnic mix and an array of restaurants to choose from.Last Sunday, after a woman bought two baguettes from the Vega Bakery in La Rita de Pococí, Limón province, Costa Rica, she returned along with her bully husband who unleashed his roid raging self on the owners and employees of the business.Blanca Durán reportedly whined to her husband Johnny Clark Gonzalez that the baguettes she had paid one thousand Colones for at la Panadería Vega were stale.A favourite of one of the Sassy girls, renowned Pastry Chef Tony Wong creates everything from desserts to cakes and coffees, not to mention some yummy parfaits and pancakes.He uses all natural ingredients, and the presentation is pretty spectacular, too!

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