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They often request multiple profiles of men who possess these qualities and treat the matchmaking service as a candy store, filled with a myriad of "perfect" treats who will all fall head-over-heels in love with her at first sight.

What they often do not understand is that the men are not always interested in meeting them.

Why do you think more people are using matchmakers now?

I think the major thing that has brought in a ton of business from our clients this past 18 months (we've been around for nine years) is the oversaturation of online dating apps and people experiencing dating app message fatigue. Packages typically cost ,000 for a six month contract, or coaching for ,500, which is particularly popular for female clients.

Clients range from 26 to 62, with the average age falling between 35 and 44. When someone isn't healthy on the inside or the outside, its a big red people hoped for their own romantic comedy worthy meet-cutes, instead of an old-fashioned fix-up, or turned unsuccessfully to apps in the midst of a dating apocalypse.

Why would you suggest someone use a matchmaker, instead of a dating app? Many clients are sent to us through referral and word of mouth based on the past success we’ve achieved with our members. Now, using a matchmaker is officially chic again, especially since it’s a time-saver, with vetted, Catfish-proof dates arranged by a concierge service.

But finding the right matchmaker is almost like obtaining the actual match: it has to be a good fit, to guarantee they get to know you.

Scroll through to see what New York’s most exclusive matchmakers are looking for in a client, their dating red flags and the hefty price tag attached to looking for love.

The noose is a heavily promoted article focusing on the "victims" of matchmakers.I am their relationship coach, matchmaker and image consultant. Online dating sites and apps do not help you to grow and evolve or provide dating and relationship coaching.They do not have human intuition or the ability to screen, vet and conduct background checks on potential partners. Matchmakers prevent you from meeting the wrong kinds of people and can work with you to change undesirable relationship patterns. I offer a two year, three phase post-divorce program to help ease my male clients into dating and finding a relationship after marriage.While I might introduce her to her dream man, she might not be his "dream woman." She truly has no idea what goes on behind the scenes in finding her someone who fits most of her criteria.Clients come to me with a long list of deal breakers and very strict requirements.

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