Dating shes says shes not ready

She has also displayed some behaviour where some serious red flags have arisen.

Her cheating on me or just using me as a doormat has also crossed my mind, but I think she has a good moral conscious and would never cheat.

Mistake 1, while getting ready to leave I noticed a journal which I won’t deny, I found while looking in a carry bag which was in her wardrobe. I know I crossed the line here but I had to see what she was like in past years, past relationship to see if this behaviour is just part of who she is or worse.

This old journal was from her early twenties, she’s now in her late twenties and was written while on a trip to Europe.

Regrettably, most of it comes from people who don’t have a real comprehension of the psychology of shyness, and it’s too naive or vague to actually do anything for you. So I’m gonna point out the four crucial actions that if you take, will truly allow you to stop being so shy.

Shy people typically get this the other way around.

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Even if being more talkative is challenging for you, you push yourself to talk more anyway. And as you do so, you gain social experience and you gradually become more accustomed to engaging in social interactions. If you find it too hard to push against the anxiety and be more outgoing, you simply have to find social opportunities where it’s easier to do so. This is a key idea concerning how to stop being shy.One of the most common mistakes shy people make is that they give up too soon, often when the results just started to show and their confidence is close to taking off. Learn, apply, persist and be willing to invest in yourself.This is the recipe for the utmost success in overcoming your shyness.We made up the next day and I stayed over at her place.She left for work early and as I had a late start would leave later that morning.

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