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Attractive girls in big cities usually have so many matches that they rarely view second pics if they don’t like the first one. It should show your face, without sunglasses, with a friendly smile. If you do use one, make sure it doesn’t look like one.

It’s fine if you’re just a regular guy, but some guys’ pictures look like they purposely planned to repel girls! Don’t leave the BIO empty It’s not a good time to be mysterious.

When I see a guy on a climbing wall, I’m eager to swipe right.– If you’re an office guy, it’s okay to have one picture with you in a nice suit, but the rest should be casual, so you don’t look boring.– If you like travelling, have one picture with you in front of an amazing landscape.– If you’re an artist use your third picture to display your talent such as playing the piano or painting.

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If you’re insecure and don’t know how to flirtatiously tease her later on, you’re better off sticking to normal questions.

Avoid tacky quotes or douchey or cheesy lines such as:– If you need a hug, swipe right– “Life is a notebook.

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