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After patience and good social media skills we now have over 3000 members already signed up, ready for when we launch.We will verify every member once launched and never create fake profiles ourselves - like most dating websites do!Tinder is a fun dating service for the smartphone generation, but its integration with Facebook can compromise the privacy of an activity that most people don’t want their Facebook friends snooping on.Users who want to keep their Tinder hookups separate from what they do on Facebook are left with limited options for minimizing the connection — since logging in to Tinder with Facebook that means that your Tinder matches can easily find you on Facebook, the social network can broadcast that you’re using Tinder, and the dating app can set you up with Facebook friends.As Katie Knibbs reports for The Daily Dot, there are a few precautions you can take and privacy settings you can change to preserve the confidentiality of your Tinder usage.Some users have held out on making a Tinder account until the company decides to enable users to sign up without sharing their Facebook logins — though you may end up waiting a while for that kind of privacy-minded option.

Even worse than the privacy risks inherent in Tinder’s Facebook login system is the series of security vulnerabilities that aren’t that far in the dating app’s past.

Those who did, the FTC said, weren't told that the subscriptions would auto-renew until canceled.

The operators were accused of making misrepresentations to consumers and violating the Restore Online Shoppers' Confidence Act by not disclosing the terms of the subscriptions or allowing an easy way to stop the charges.

As Min-Pyo Hong of SEWORKS recently reported for Venture Beat, the top dating apps are “just waiting to be hacked.” Each app that SEWORKS analyzed was decompilable, which means that hackers could reverse-engineer and compromise the app.

None had protections to prevent or delay unauthorized decompiling; none had obfuscated their source code, which means hackers could access sensitive data; and one wasn’t even using secure communication, which would make it easy for hackers to intercept data being exchanged between the app and the server.

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