Dating sites inheritance scam

Sometimes a misleading message isn’t the worst part of a Linked In scam.In some cases, it’s connecting with another user who you might not know.Jennifer Jones, a partner at Social Media Today, explains how she came across one such scam when she was contacted by “Jonathan Salisbury,” who claimed he worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland as a Senior Relationship Manager in Corporate Banking.The scam message informed Jennifer that she had inherited millions of dollars from a deceased relative and requested that she contact “Jonathan” via email if she were interested in claiming the money.

Together, these bits of data provide scammers with more than enough information to launch spear-phishing –or in the case of executives, “whaling”–attacks against entire companies.

If one of those attacks succeeds and the scammer obtains access to an employee’s credentials, they could potentially gain access to sensitive corporate information and/or compromise the PII of thousands of workers, as was the case in the recent data dump of DOJ workers’ information.

To protect your account credentials against scammers, make sure that you treat emails from people you don’t know with caution.

To assuage users’ skepticism, they commonly say that the offer is 100% legitimate.

But when payday comes around, there’s no paycheck to be found.

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