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Contains details on local schools, churches, government and other institutions. after March 6, May 12, July 7, October 8 & December 21, for cattle; market day, Sat. in January, February, April, July, August, October & December. Some of these incumbent on a subsoil of clay partake of it more or less in their composition.Also contains a list of residents and businesses for each place. Penzance, Corpus Christi day & two following days ; market days, Tues. Of the clays there are endless varieties; good bricks are made from some of them: and in Lelant parish they have an excellent kind for making furnaces and ovens.Records include the name of the landowner, occupier, amount assessed and sometimes the name and/or description of the property. There are quarries of slate on the north and south coasts of the country; that called Dennybole, near Tintagel, is supposed to afford the finest in England. In some parts there are strata of freestone, in quality approaching to Portland stone, of great value for building, as is another stone of a coarser texture, the moor-stone or granite.It is a useful starting point for locating relevant estate records and establishing the succession of tenancies and freehold. In the western parts of the county this is so plentiful, that it presents itself to the traveller in large slabs on all the tors or rocky hills, as well as on moors and in valleys, &c. Many of the churches and gentlemen’s seats are built with this stone.

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Contains details on local schools, churches, government and other institutions. This soil is not unfrequently mixed with more or less of the quartz, provincially called spar; and according as it prevails its value is diminished.

Entries usually include the testator's name, date of death, date of probate and registry. An exhaustive gazetteer, containing details of settlement's history, governance, churches, postal services, public institutions and more. Nothing can be more dreary than the surface and scenery in the mining districts. Austel, thence, with an interval of rich land, westward to Kenwyn, Kea, Gwenap, Stythians, Wendron, Breageon the South, and to St. The earthy parts of this are so exceedingly light, that, in a dry summer, as Dr.

Also contains lists of residents with their occupation and address. Redruth, Easter Tuesday, May 2, August 3 & October 12 & a holiday fair on Whitsun Monday; market days, Tues. Agnes, Redruth, Illogan, Camborn, and Gwinear, in a straight line through Lelant, Towednack, and Morvah, to the parish of St. There are also mines to the eastward, bordering upon Devonshire, on Hengston Downs, Linkenhorn, and Caradon. The soils of Cornwall may be arranged under the three following heads: —1st. Borlase observes, the sun quickly exhales its moisture; and in a wet summer or winter much of the vegetable soil is washed from the tilled grounds. The shelfy or slaty soil, forming the second class, is by far the most prevalent, and derives its name from Laving a large proportion of the schistus or rotten slaty matter mixed with a light loam.

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