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The poetic verses summarize the identity and sovereignty of the Fifth Patriarch who headed the lodge. One of the Society’s Former Five Patriarchs, shown here in secular garb.In some accounts he is referred to as one of the five surviving monks of the Shaolin Monastery’s Southern Branch in Fujian.Xie Bangheng, a fisherman and incognito Ming loyalist who recovered the bodies of Guo Xiuying and Zheng’s sister.Xie then built the “Sisters-in-Law” Temple on the riverside.We do not know whether other copies of the1892 version exist.The editors of this website, as well as Mike Brundage on behalf of the Clinton Museum, would be grateful for any information that our readers may have.

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As early as the 17th century, rebels are supposed to have used Tianyun dates secretly to show their opposition to their rulers, the Qing Dynasty founded by China's Manchu conquerors.It was a serious matter in the eyes of those conquerors.Persons daring to use a Tianyun date were executed.And yet in Weaverville the date was used publicly, on the front of a popular temple. The Tianyun dates represent one of the few exceptions to the above.No emperor had used such a reign name in the past 2000 years.

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