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It also might not be fair to simply sell the family house and split the proceeds, if this means the children and the custodial parent would likely have to move into a smaller house than they’re accustomed to.

Factors that can influence what a judge determines is fair include: Typically, only marital property and debt are divided in a divorce, and any property or debt deemed separate (belonging to only one spouse) remains with that spouse.

When separate property becomes marital property While the rules above for separate and marital are generally true, the waters get muddied when separate property gets used for family purposes.

Under Michigan law, courts must split marital assets and debts “fairly”. For example, it wouldn’t be fair for one spouse to take half the marital debt if that spouse doesn’t have a source of income to pay that debt.

Then, a court may rule that the inheritance has been “commingled” and has become part of the marital estate.

Also, a house owned by one spouse before that marriage is considered separate property, but any increase in value of the house due to appreciation, renovations or additions may be considered marital property.

Or, what if it's already turned nasty, and everything you do seems to be getting back to the judge?

Begin by asking yourself: what type of parent do you believe you are?

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