Dating with psoriasis

I always say I'm fine, I was married for 20 years, and that was enough.

The truth is I get asked out a lot and sometimes I do go.

But the truth is you can’t really hide it once you start falling in love can you?

First of all, you don’t want to start off the relationship lying which is what I did when I would pretend it didn’t exist!

Your psoriasis may be making it hard to meet new people.

Exs were not happy about p, it affected my marriage, now notice myself blocking any further communication if guy isnt openminded...enough. Pls share your happy stories Dating can be a scary subject.

He knew I had Psoriasis because I told him all about my health journey when we met, but now he’s literally feeling it on my skin. It just makes me feel so ugly and deep down I don’t want him to ever feel it makes me ugly and I think that’s my fear.

I explained how off my health path I’ve been and he takes most of the credit:) I know it’s all my own doing, but its sweet of him to take the blame.

Luckily he wants to eat more healthy and is loving my positive influence. He’s not the only reason I fell off the wagon, but I’ll save that story for next month!

I remember feeling like I’d never date a man who would accept my Psoriasis.

Actually, I used to do everything to hide or get rid of it as quickly as possible because if they saw or felt it they would ask what it was and if they knew what it was they would dump me! I would make a few tri Ps to the tanning salon or I would wear long sleeve shirts, anything and everything!

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