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It is the sum of digits of date of birth or the sum of the position of the alphabets in the series.Every number is associated and denotes a particular set of qualities and traits.I will not give him the power over my self to destroy me, by saying no.He isn't really that great, I'll just say a casual hi and see how it goes. By now your fear should have gone and you should be filled with confidence, because you no longer have any expectations. Try not to look too surprised, when he shows definite signs of being smitten by you. Close your eyes for a few seconds ..imagine yourself grabbing hold of it, the wriggly, squiggly thing and throwing it far away... When panic holds you in its grip and a deep unreasoning fear of rejection grabs hold of you, here's what to do: Take a deep breath. The moment you verbalize the fear in your mind, it will become less overpowering and will start to diminish. My ego, my pride, my sense of self are not tied to a virtual stranger.

Numbers like eight and nine are stark opposites, as eight denotes an organized and efficient person and nine signifies emotional, imaginative and creative person.

One guy was only nineteen years old while there were a handful of men who were in their mid-to-late-fifties (and one guy had to be in his sixties—a nice grandpa-like dude).

I’m convinced Jason’s teachings will work for a man of any age.

Therefore people ruled by number eight and number nine are not at all compatible and they are advised by numerologists to enter into a relationship.

For incompatible partners love numerology provides some solace because compatibility can be increases by changing the ruling number this in turn can be done by inserting an alphabet in the name and changing it so as to suit the date of birth.

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