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The numbers didn't lie, and there were definite problems with the numbers.

However, there was no evidence the accountant was committing the crime. So, the owner of the furniture store hired one of our private investigators to discover who was transferring the lost funds.

It was a small amount, but enough that it could add up quickly if repeated.

Our private detectives continued to watch the company's computers and the same type of transaction happened again four days later, and again the accountant was present at her desk.

Someone had made the transaction from the accountant's computer, and our private investigator corroborated that the accountant was working at her desk when the transaction took place.

It was a cash transaction from the company's bank to an unknown bank account without any note.

Our private detective set up hidden software that would oversee and record everything on the accountant's computer and the three other computers in the furniture store.

Manchester Private Investigators have a lot of accomplishment along with knowledge regarding fraud investigations.If it was an outside hacker, this would not be helpful.However, removing the accountant as a suspect would be a helpful first move.It was then the new head of the business began to notice irregularities in their bank account. Our client was simply trying to familiarise himself with all the business when he came across some money moving mysteriously out of the company account.His fear was the accountant, who had been with the company for 32 years, had been skimming money.

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