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June 16 – Police Constable – discreditable conduct, duties and responsibilities – allegation made that an off duty officer socialised with a convicted offender whilst at a snooker club and accepted a lift home with him in a vehicle he had previously searched.

During a search of the officers address a confidential investigation file was found. July 16 – Police Constable – discreditable conduct, honesty and integrity, orders and instructions, confidentiality, duties and responsibilities.

2013 (MS Word 12KB) 2015 Misconduct Hearings Dec 14 - May 15 Misconduct Hearing Outcomes June 15 - Dec 15 September 15 - Police Constable - honesty and integrity.

Officer was charged with pervert the course of justice but was found not guilty of the offence after trial.

The officer, whilst off duty was arrested in relation to her conduct and behaviour whilst in a public house in April 15.

August 16 - Police Constable - discreditable conduct.

The officer, whilst off duty, was arrested on suspicion of indecent exposure and indecent assault.

It is alleged that during the journey and whilst at the address, the officers behaved inappropriately.

One of the officers later returned to location after finishing his tour of tour of duty and the following day misused the police computer systems by viewing a Log about the incident, without a policing purpose to do so.

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