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It seemed now even Sandhya was also getting pleasure from this strong 6ft 4 inches hunk.

Rishi took out his almost 8 inches cock and ordered Sandhya to take the full thing inside her mouth.

Luckily, her lover is that someone who is more than happy to treat her like the slut that she is.

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During sex she was more like a dead partner, I could easily make out she was no more interested in having sex with me.

To cut the story short, after a rigorous investigation from my side it was established that she had been having sex sessions with one of her junior colleagues Mohit, a 21 years old boy staying in Gurgaon , she had many a times visited his flat where he was staying alone.

They have not been able to enjoy themselves because of the exams.

But they are free now and are in a naughty mood to have some fun.

Rishi was trying to kiss sandhya on the lips but she was very strongly resisting, she was threatening of screaming, but a strong slap on her face quietned her.He was on cloud9 with pleasure Sandhya was also squeezing his ass cheeks indicating she was fully aroused.After almost 20 minutes of oral pleasure Rishi turned sandhya with her buttocks up, Vaseline used on his cock and her asshole. Some spray for a long play was applied on his cock and now it was the turn of her pussy.I was really enjoying the sight of her being raped by Rishi.He was just pressing her boobs, her mini skirt was pulled down and blue coloured panties removed.

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