Detroit interracial dating white men black women

“I was mostly in the suburbs–Novi, Farmington Hills, etc.–but you could tell that black folks stuck together in Detroit,” said Council, who used to work in the Detroit area.

“I’ve always said that I didn’t feel comfortable in Detroit because of my upbringing here.

So is most of the West coast with San Fran, Portland, and LAAtlanta does.

I have a friend who is mixed himself,married to a white girl.2 black girl friends dating white guys(one of them engaged),another friend who is from India married to black guy and another guy friend from China who last dated another black friend of mine .

In America in 2011, the idea of being “biracial’ has taken on a new meaning.

The city that may be the best example of this new racial identity is Lansing, which has the highest percentage of blacks who identify with different races.

Because the OP doesn't go around telling people they are wrong if they give an answer the OP doesn't agree with (without even knowing the place being discussed very well), doesn't immediately chalk up lack of interest in him personally as innate racism of other people, and doesn't flood multiple forums with the same question over and over again.

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“Race was never an issue when it came to me, my friends, and dating.I would not doubt this for a second when I lived down south, every WM who tried to talk to me or other BW I knew was from New Orleans.I would guess its common with the history of mixed people (creoles)I'm going to go with the comment that said anywhere with a high % of educated black women.I would guess its common with the history of mixed people (creoles)I'm white, and I live in Durham, NC.Both people I had serious relationships with were black.

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