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International proponents of Animals include Roman Polanski, Jeremy Irons, Tchecky Karyo, Kazuko Kurosawa, Isabelle Pasco and Gilles Jacob of Cannes Film Festival.Through all the film's legal issues, the film was held by the now-closed, film completion bond division of the CNA insurance company.Tim Roth stars as a broken dreamer who finds new meaning in the pursuit of an elusive love (Mili Avital) after a trio of elderly French documentary filmmakers hijacks his Checker cab to drive from New York to South Carolina.Praised as intelligent, sensitive, wise, artistic, funny and weird, Animals captures the story of three wayward souls guiding one man's search for happiness and love.

Every frame is drop-dead gorgeous, especially (in my opinion) after Tim's character Henry meets the girl Fatima (played by Mili Avital). John Flynn from Hollywood Classics, an international distributor of major studio titles, contacted CNA's attorney, and became aware of ' Animals' newly cleared legal status.Flynn approached Sean Mc Kee, President of Screen Time Images, to acquire rights and partner with on a first-run theatrical release of the film.April 15 at the Marriott Delray Beach, 10 North Ocean Boulevard, Delray Beach, Florida, to discuss restoration, and emerging 3D display technologies.Mc Kee concludes, "This film is so beautiful in story, direction, performance and cinematography, that I feel very strongly it will be a contender for an Oscar nomination this year.

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