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She reveals that she’s been in emotionally abusive relationships before and felt like she was back in those relationships.I can definitely relate, and I’ve definitely had to explain to boyfriends which seemingly innocuous behaviors might make me shut down. Taylor uses a lot of words to get there and immediately rushes to “WELL, WE HAVE TO BREAK UP.” But she doesn’t even say it like that.I keep wanting to just complete the thought and type “Christina” or “Christine” because “Christen” is just unreasonable.Christen’s claim to fame was that she is a virgin, but even as someone who closely watches I remember literally nothing about her from Nick’s season.Derek does manage to apologize and they stay together.Going into the rose ceremony, who the hell knows who is gonna get a rose?The only real couple going into the episode is Derek and Taylor.

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You’ve dated the guy who lives in a pantry like a borrower.A little Wells goes a long way and adding props is not helping. He’s giving her gifts and trinkets, and his latest trick is to put a bunch of glow sticks in the hot tub. Amanda should just tell Robby how she’s feeling because she doesn’t seem to know, but is enjoying his attempts. They seem to be working through some of the challenges or concerns about what their life post-Paradise might look like.He keeps trying to kiss her and she does not want to be kissed, but he’s moaning about her “mixed signals.” Yo, homey. Derek is the type of guy who shuts down instead of trying to talk about what’s going on.He really flatly tells Taylor, “Fuck you,” when she points out that he has this tendency.Taylor shuts down and says she doesn’t know if she can be in the relationship anymore.

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