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Nongoloza agrees to this and joins the wise man in his cave. Po greets the young man who introduces himself as Ngeleketshane, a member of the Pondo tribe. The men succeed in robbing travellers and colonial outposts of their goods.

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Kilkijan retaliates by saying that he does not trust Nongoloza, believing he added this law to the hide after half his rock went missing.

Po tells his two apprentices to fill one of the bull's horns with its blood and gall and to each take a drink of it.

Ngeleketshane sips the mixture and immediately spits it out saying that it will poison him. According to Nongoloza's supporters this proves Ngeleketshane's cowardice, while according to Ngeleketshane's supporters this proves that Nongoloza is an evil muti man (evil potion man).

Po then warns the young man of the conditions in the mines, telling him they will ultimately lead to his demise.

Po then persuades Nongoloza to join him in his crusade against white oppression. He teaches them a secret language and advances their skills in the art of highway robbery.

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