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He travelled the world speaking about Wiki Leaks and his work, and became something of a hero to anti-establishment activists. Mr Assange was in the country in August 2010, to speak at a conference.

While he was there he met two women and had sex with them.

There are no charges against him in the US, although he fears he could be put on trial for espionage.

Yet The Washington Post reported in 2013 that the Justice Department had concluded there was no way it could prosecute him.

They later filed complaints of rape and molestation - accusations that he denied.

Yoko Ono, Lady Gaga, Eric Cantona and Pamela Anderson, among others.On November 20, Interpol issued a Red Notice for Mr Assange's arrest.A week later he gave himself up, appeared before a judge in Westminster, and in December 2010 was granted bail after his supporters paid £240,000 in cash and sureties.Jemima Khan, who helped pay for his bail - and then lost the money - has written a searing critique of his behaviour, explaining why she no longer supports him."I have seen flashes of Assange’s charm, brilliance and insightfulness," she wrote in 2013.

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