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The scoreline, just for once, didn't really matter.

The flagging spirits, the inertia and the plight of a proud club that appears to be drifting like a ship without a rudder, lurching further and further off course and into the teeth of a storm. I'm not even a fan and it left me shaking my head in total disbelief.It's another sub too with Andreas Cornelius turning Feeney before slotting under Robles.This is a new low for Everton this season even by their woeful standards. But it's a sensational goal from Robin Gosens who although never really looked in control of the ball somehow hits a cracking half volley from the edge of the box across goal with the ball bouncing in off the post.71min: Finally something for the Everton fans to cheer about!And this really is something to smile about on the blue side of Merseyside as Sandro Ramirez opens his account for the club.

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