Excel 2016 vba screenupdating not working

The Excel 2010 example was generated using Excel 2010 inside of Cross Over on my Mac.In addition, Debra's site shows how to have dependent Data Validation cells by using named ranges and the INDIRECT function Data Val02I implemented the same concept in the Drop Down boxes approach. For those of you who prefer to not download files containing macros, the only macro used is available as a file and the workbook is available as an file, i.e. Return To Top___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the process creating a somewhat complicated Excel VBA workbook I found I needed a code that would give me a procedure flow chart, i.e. With alot of help from a couple of sites (URLs are in the code itself), I put together the following code (global declarations and code module). From then on as you develop your code further, you can run this code to keep straight who's calling whom.Note that the code does not handle user-defined classes as I do not use them. If you want to see it work, download my test file with lots of code and modules in it.The selections in the bottom Combo Box depends on the selection made in the middle Combo Box.The sentence in row 13 is formed by using the Data Validation cell informtion.Following are screen shots of the two worksheets I use in the example workbook. Cells A1: C3 are the results of making choices with the Form Control Combo Boxes, also known as Drop Down boxes.Hidden under the Combo Boxes are the associated Data Validation cells.

Note that the information is now in a format that can be used in mind-mapping software or XML databases. Most of it is derived from code found at ozgrid.com, exceltip.com, and Then you can follow the procedure flow logic visuallly.I made a small example that shows you what this part looks like.Dim Out App As Object Dim Out Mail As Object Dim sh As Worksheet Dim cell As Range Dim File Cell As Range Dim rng As Range With Application . Screen Updating = False End With Set sh = Sheets("Sheet1") Set Out App = Create Object("Outlook. Excel will automatic update the reference number to Outlook when you open your workbook in a higher version of Excel/Outlook but not update it when you open it in a lower version of Excel/Outlook.

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