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These female culinary dynamos have applied their unique creativity and style to the art of cooking.

Here are 6 inspirational and famous female chefs who have changed the way we look at cooking.

At the same time, inspirational female chefs and restaurateurs have shown the world what we are capable of.

They have worked with tenacity and perseverance to thrive and exert influence within a male dominated industry.

But her first job as a cook in a Chicago hotel led to amazing success.

She used her Malay-Chinese-Austrian-British heritage to create a collage of creativity in her cooking.

Her love of food preparation took her to Paris where she opened her own restaurant in her personal flat, preparing all of her meals in a tiny space called the Little Paris Kitchen.

Her ability to pull together fantastic menus, her talent as a chef and love of children and community inspired Michelle Obama asked her to stay on.

On her Facebook page she states her philosophy of life which reinforces her belief that anything is possible if you have a life purpose.

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