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I took a good look at it and noticed the quality and craftsmanship of the construction of the guitar.

I recently carried it to a local music store and had a professional opinion about fixing it.

I found an Espana guitar in my wifes attic when we were dating.

She was going to throw it out, because the bridge was missing and there were a couple of blemishes on it.

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My serial number is 100063 Hi Thanks for that post.

They were advertised as being made from Canadian woods that were exported to Finland.

A brand new Espana SL-1 or SL-2 Classical guitar cost about 0.00 CDN in 1967. The product line was promoted, in Canada, by a Czech expat opera singer and actor named Jan Rubes. Rubes went on to appear in many films and television shows including the Harrison Ford Movie "Witness" were he played the Amish Patriarch. Rubes visited my public school to perform a concert using his Espana SL-2 Classical guitar. by a company called Espana Guitars in New York City.

The paperwork shows the 5 Union Square, NYC address AND (in Canada) 720 Bathurst St., Toronto 4, Ont.

I too would love to find out more about this company, that made this fine instrument.

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