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It's pretty high-polish for a mad dash to the future by NBC, along with networks from Discovery to E! And it's markedly different from the spray-and-pray strategy that prevailed when TV tried digital before, dumping snips of existing shows across every and any platform.

Their product bears no resemblance to a typical NBC News broadcast.His mom was disappointed when he left the cable news behemoth.But as they walked down the street together six months later, several people approached Hamby and identified him as "that Snapchat guy." Hamby's mother was shocked by his new brand of celebrity, he says.Executives at the messaging app are also decidedly picky about who gets real estate in its high-traffic Discover section, which TV networks share with publishers including Buzz Feed, Mashable, GQ and Cosmopolitan.So, one year into its first partnerships with TV networks to produce made-for-Snapchat content, it is forcing traditional programmers to rethink mobile video.

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