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Even Whiterun's alchemist, Arcadia considers Zaria to be better than she is. " "I think," I replied "that in order for us to fight against hostile vampires, we're going to need some powerful health recovery potions.

"Lydia," I asked, as we started down the road, "what can you tell me about Falkreath? 'special' attention also appealed to a redguard, who Farengar, and Whiterun's healer, Danica Pure-Spring preferred to get many exotic healing ingredients from.

It was the late evening now, and all of Ivarstead was in a tense edginess. " My enchanted toy had her cumming for the third time, as we ground against each other. I had nothing against that, indeed, the world was better for such people, but I wanted Lydia to openly accept the idea of vampirism first, to "corrupt" her into seeing it as the true tool of power that it was, to accept it for that, and to see that like any tool, as much as it could be used for evil, it could also be used for good. But he was right about the staves helping decrease the effect the weather had on us, so I was satisfied with that. I had briefly wondered then if that might even include sexual experiences, but somehow I just didn't feel like I wanted to with him.Now, proficient as I was in my Alteration magic, my Detect Dead, and Detect Life spells were also refined enough to detect the recent passage of them, the dead or living. I'm sorry my Lady, I felt the best way to defeat him was to take him by surprise." "Well, that was effective here, and he's dead, while we're not, so it is something. I expected the ghost to have used the levers before we came down, but when I tried that spell, I only saw the bodies of the actually dead, not the ghost, or his "passed-by" essence. What if he had a powerful spell charged and ready?! Let's look through his things, see what he was doing here." In a few minutes, we found a journal in a rucksack.

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