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It’s difficult to extinguish the fire so I take a chair to sit next to it.

For some time that’s OK because the high flames sufficiently warm me but after about half an hour the outside temperature is really too cold.

When I return to our RV, a high fire is burning at our neighbors who left their place.

Everywhere on the ground are donuts and a huge pile of ice cubes, a feast for the jackrabbits.

Dick has not even bothered to get outside because he thinks it’s madness to sit outside with a temperature of 40 degrees.

After throwing huge amounts of sand over the still burning fire I leave. The next day the wind is less and thus the outside temperature feels a lot more pleasant.

2017 When I am done with our administration I go outside to climb some rocks in Jumbo Campground in Joshua National park to watch the sunset.

A huge area full of dunes, a Valhalla for the off-road motorcycles and OHV carts.

Of course Dick has to drive some laps around the almost empty campground before I find the right place to park (all the places are really the same).

And then we enjoy the silence, the Cactus Wren and Quails, flying and walking around.

We drive along and suddenly we see a State Park with a campground.

We cannot resist the temptation to have a look and take the junction.

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