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Runnymede College is a leading private non-denominational British school in Spain offering a British education to boys and girls of all nationalities from the age of three to eighteen.

The School regards its task as being to provide its pupils an academically excellent, all-round liberal humanistic education and the necessary basis to succeed in the adult world, and above all, to help them to acquire a moral sense as members of the international, world-wide community.

Mr and Mrs Arthur Powell in the Headmaster’s Study in 1973.

Julia Powell played the indefinable yet pivotal role that headmasters’ wives traditionally have in independent schools: according to Arthur she was “everybody’s aunt, confidante, interpreter, doctor, discipline model and source of inspiration and courage when others feel they can no longer go on – especially her husband.” As well as her three children, there was Runnymede.

In the words of Arthur, the study of Music develops a very important aesthetic sense: a fundamental part of the human personality.

It may be useless in the market place (in fact Runnymede has produced some highly successful professional musicians) but it enormously enriches the inner lives of those who pursue its study, adding grace, beauty, harmony – and often fun – to their lives.

Not to be outdone, Arthur decided to install seven computers even though schools in the UK were considerably larger than Runnymede.

The Old Runnymedians’ dinner in London, traditionally held at Verdi’s Trattoria in Southampton Row, had become a regular event in the calendar, gathering together a disparate group of former students to exchange stories and compare notes about their experiences at school or in their professional lives.

In 1973, Frank Murphy, a key figure in Runnymede’s history and deputy headmaster as of 1977, arrived as the School’s first full time physics teacher.

He has been both the founder’s and headmaster’s right hand man and can still be found teaching Further Mathematics A Level in Runnymede 44 years later.

The first Runnymede College was established in a red house in Calle José Rodríguez Pinilla 13.

Whilst the dining room and bedrooms were classrooms, there was a sumptuous wooden-panelled drawing room which did service as a music-room, place of assembly and library, but was a shocking waste of space.

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