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• Protestors Take to Streets in Iran; Russia and China Accused of Secretly Selling Oil to North Korea; President Trump Tweets about Global Warming and Weather; SWAT Team Shoots Man after False Report of Hostage Situation; Report Indicates Pregnant Women Using Marijuana in California; Serena Williams Returns to Tennis after Having First Child; Top Economic Stories of 2017 Reviewed.

Aired 10-11a ET • Trump's New York Times Interview; Trump: China caught red handed allowing oil into North Korea; Democrat Certified as Winner of U. Senate Seat; New York City and Mumbai Fire; Apple's IPhone Apology; New York Boosts Security; Trump Tweets East Coast Could Use Global Warming.

Aired -11a ET • Doug Jones on Moore Suit: 'It's Time to Move On'; Tillerson: U. Faced Challenges in Dealing with North Korea; Report: North Korean Defector had Anthrax Antibodies in him.

Aired 10-a ET • White Truck Attempted to Block Media View of Trump Golfing; Mad Rush for People to Prepay Property Taxes; Count Down on the Top Entertainment Stories of 2017.

Aired 3-4a ET • California Wildfires; Russia Investigation; Australian Arrested, Accused of Being North Korean Agent.

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Aired 2-p ET • China Shipping Oil to North Korea?Aired 1-2a ET • Interview with Representative Francis Rooney; Bronx Fire Likely Sparked by Child Playing with Stove; Top Seven Money Stories of 2017; Aired -11a ET • GOP Braces for 2018 Midterms; Deadly Attack in Kabul; Israel Names Wall After Trump; Democrat Delivers Dream; Aired -a • International Red Cross Evacuating Critically Ill People from Besieged Syrian Town; Olympic Torch Winds Through South Korea; 2017 May be the Hottest Year on Record.Aired 12-1a ET • Interview with Representative Tom Cole; Top Seven Justice Stories of 2017.Aired 2-3a ET • Trump Takes Aim at FBI; Midterm Elections for Republicans; GOP Looks for More Wins; Top Health Stories of 2017; Apple Slowed i Phones. Aired -3p ET • Jet Blue Plane Skids Off Icy Taxiway In Boston; Dow Poised To Record Best Year Since 2013; Trump Back to Work, Takes Aim at FBI Again.Aired 9-a ET • Interview with Representative Eliot Engel; Top 7 Political Stories of 2017.

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