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He crashed his car alright, because he was out joyriding with his friends, showing off for some whores or something.

I hear he was joyriding because he came home and caught Jessica making out with a friend of his. You are by no means going to lend them a dime." I was stunned by the disclosure.

The voice on the other end was a little bit frantic, and at first I didn't recognize it was my lovely niece Jessica.

The 24-year-old had been married four years, had two children, and worked for a law firm in Philadelphia as an administrative assistant.

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There wasn't a lot of money sitting around for family loans.

"She's been asking everyone who will listen for money.

I guess she ran out of people to call so she's trying to get old pushover like you to give her money." I couldn't believe my ears.

That night over dinner I mentioned the call to my wife, Cheryl, who immediately went ballistic.

"You didn't fall for that bullshit story did you," spat Cheryl, changing in seconds from a normal woman into a bitch.

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