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I put 35-45, red or dark hair, non-smoker and 90% of the respondents were 20ish year old, smoking and blonde. My sparkling personality makes up for my lack of good looks and not being hung like a horse! I received the message below on P411 this morning: Please note that this System Message is being sent to all clients and providers on P411.

I did the same with a generic account a couple years ago. You can put any age, size ,color, ext you want most the ladies pay no attention to what you are looking for. As of January 1, 2018 we will no longer accept "USA only" prepaid credit cards or Visa/MC gift cards.

if you want to ring someone up and set a time, get exactly what you were expecting and bounce without further thought or more effort than the standard 2 call system, then SWs are the way to go.

For me, as a single guy, I have a place in my schedule and bed for both ..

The past few months have been VERY lean for donations and while the bills have been paid it has not been easy.

Most gents here already spent probably enough to buy a strip-club. It becomes expensive only when the risk factor for scam gets higher. hunting is what happens when you go to a singles club with a 3 to 1 girl to guy ratio inside, and you have from open to close to get a number, flirt, build rapport, make a date to make up, or close the deal .. And for every SW on there, there are 4 girls who want to try what they think is actual sugar dating or p4p without acknowledging that it's SW(cognitive dissonance), and for every 1 of those girls there are 6 scammers of one type or another(over Over!

There is no hesitation to spend when we know what to expect. priced[gps], and I count web cam only girls as scams too) ..

Please let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for your continued support. You gents think 79$ to hunt for a gal who will see you cheaper then an SW and you think it's to expensive?

SW expensive Hunting -- thrilling SB -- cheap and you still get a hunt thrill Help me understand.

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