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Well, last Thursday and Friday I went to LASCON, our local Austin application security convention!It started back in 2010; here’s the videos from previous years (the 2017 talks were all recorded and should show up there sometime soon.Here’s the full schedule, obviously I could only go to a subset of all the great content myself.

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Interesting items from the talk: She likes to use the killchain metaphor for intrusion and the MITRE severity definitions.

We all know from Dev Ops blameless retrospective wisdom that there is no such thing as a single “root cause.” One of the most common root causes people like to assign blame to is “human error”. When you go Google it up, you see a whole bunch of “Navy attributes it to human error…” But now go read this article, Something’s Wrong In The Surface Fleet And We’re Not Talking About It. Even in engineering, we are tempted to push the problem down onto the person that made a mistake.

Not to mince words, this is usually political, buck-passing CYA of the highest order. Fully engaging with the system that caused the need for the action that caused the mistake, the lack of validation that makes mistakes possible, and so on is hard thinkin’.

The opening keynote was Chris Nickerson, CEO of LARES, on pen testing inspired thoughts.

Things I took away from his talk: Then the first track talk I went to was on Security for Dev Ops, by Shannon Lietz, Dev Sec Ops Leader at Intuit.

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