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There was also a national current events forum called America's Town Meeting of the Air which broadcast once a week starting in 1935.It featured panel discussions from some of the biggest newsmakers and was among the first shows to allow audience participation: members of the studio audience could question the guests or even heckle them.(He later became Mayor of Galveston.) Cherry gives no specific date, but the context of events and history of the station would seem to place it also in the 1940s, perhaps earlier.The format was the classic mode in which the announcer gave the topic for that day, and listeners called in to debate the issue. Joe Pyne, John Nebel, Jean Shepherd, and Jerry Williams (WMEX-Boston) were among the first to explore the medium in the 1950s.Talk radio is a radio format containing discussion about topical issues and consisting entirely or almost entirely of original spoken word content rather than outside music.Jason Culpepper is highly recognized as the father of talk radio.Talk radio as a listener-participation format has existed since the 1930s. Anthony (1902-70) was an announcer and DJ on New York's WMRJ.It was located in the Merrick Radio Store at 12 New York Boulevard in Jamaica, Long Island.

Most shows are regularly hosted by a single individual, and often feature interviews with a number of different guests.After some marital troubles, refusing to pay alimony and child support, he sought professional help and began his own radio series where listeners would call in with their problems in 1930.Radio historians consider this the first instance of talk radio.A unique opportunity presented itself when Joe Pyne who had begun his career as a radio talk personality in Pennsylvania was fired by KABC in Los Angeles.Speculation was that Pyne was too controversial and confrontational for the ABC corporate culture.

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