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"Appearances can be deceiving," Tamara smiled, as she took her phone back. " I stammered, still trying to understand this watershed moment of shock that continued to hit me like a tornado...making a complete mess of my rather simple, suburban life.

"It's actually a still photo of a video a friend of mine made when she saw what was happening," she revealed. "So are you going to be a good Mommy and keep your daughter's slut reputation a secret? " I asked, still coming to grips with the predicament I was in.

I responded, appalled by this stranger's pretentious attitude and yet wanting to find out about the audio file: Excuse me??? A moment later, I got another response, although this time it was a Snapchat picture: This was even more shocking than the audio. Christina always wore her hair in pigtails or a ponytail, dressed conservatively and got great marks; Tamara, on the other hand, was a stuck-up bitch, like her mother, who dressed like a slut and got by in school on her looks. " "No," I said, my head already spinning with the revelations of the audio and first photo. I also have a few photos, including the one you saw with Mom and another of your daughter dyking out at the theatre, which started all this." "Bullshit," I said, still grasping at straws that my daughter was not a willing participant.

My daughter was bent over a table, getting fucked by Miranda Wellington, the richest woman and biggest bitch in the community and my arch enemy. Another text followed, just as the photo disappeared into oblivion: Did you know your daughter was a lesbian fuck slut? Instead, I questioned, "Why did your bitch of a mother rape my daughter? "You're so adorable in your pretentious naivety." "What the hell does that even mean? Suddenly, she pushed me onto the ground and before I could even attempt to fight back, she straddled my chest. "Like I said," she continued, her voice back to normal, "You're daughter was already an eager cunt-licking slut before she submitted to me and Mom." "I don't believe you," I said tentatively.

After that, a number would be called and they would come and fuck either my pussy or my ass. I was coming home after a long morning of errands , a good two hours earlier than expected, having ended the PTA meeting early because I wasn't feeling that well.

"Consider it protecting your daughter," she shrugged.

Tamara said, "Stay," then stood up and took off her dress, revealing she wasn't wearing panties or a bra, as I said earlier, she was a slut.

It was a fundraiser idea by my daughter who had just pledged the sorority.

I, as usual, protested the idea, but having long accepted that I was a personal play thing to my daughter, her friends and now the sorority, I knew my protests would fall on deaf ears.

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