Friend stream android not updating

A little over a year ago, HTC released an infographic detailing the elaborate process that’s required to transform a new Android version into something that can be pushed out onto current devices.Going back to the LEGO analogy, let’s say you’re HTC and you need to incorporate these new LEGO pieces into what you’ve already built.The most typical method is to view all installed apps on your device and select the "Settings" icon.Select "About Phone" or the equivalent for your device.For that, you need to speak with carriers and see what Maybe AT&T wants pieces A, B, and C in their devices while T-Mobile wants pieces X, Y, and Z in theirs.

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I have followed Igor Khrupin's tutorial on streaming mp3 files in Android using the Media Player class: This is all working fine except that the primary progress of the seek bar is not updating correctly. On debugging this, I can see that the Media Current Position() method is always returning 261 (milliseconds) even though the mp3 song is playing fine.As it turns out, the issue of slow update rollout and even slower update adoption is nothing new when you look at Android’s version history.We looked at Android’s fragmented version adoption If someone tells you they’re running Android, they’re not saying as much as you’d think.When all of that is settled and done, HTC can finally prepare their over-the-air (OTA) servers with all of these device-specific updates. Once the servers are ready, HTC users are notified of an available update that can be downloaded and applied. As you can tell, it’s an involved process that requires a lot of time thanks to the numerous back-and-forth exchanges between all of the requests, tests, and iterations that are common to any software development process. Maybe your particular model doesn’t support the latest version, but the more likely explanation is that you just need to wait a bit longer.

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