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Call when you say you will, but don’t follow it up with five more calls and 20 text messages.You each need to have your own lives, and absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Set the scene Whatever romantic situation you’re trying to create, the devil’s in the details.We've been approached by several media clients to find music for their projects.Based on the project descriptions given to us, we'll be asking qualified Tastemakers to submit songs that might fit the client's needs.

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Then, for the rest of us romance is more of a challenge.

If a song you submit is selected for the project, you'll earn a 'Finders Fee' (10% of what we earn from the deal) and a displayable 'Badge' for your Fanum profile.

If you're interested in being a part of this program, please fill in your Legal Name, Date of Birth, and Phone Number below. We use it simply to notify you of Song Placement opportunities and to process payment of your 'Finder's Fee'.

If you’re not to sure of your comedy skills, go on a date to a comedy club or watch a funny film together.

You’ll have lots to talk about and you’ll learn what tickles your other half’s funny bone. Don’t put a price on love Sometimes, the best romantic gestures we can make are the ones that don’t cost a penny. Keep the compliments flowing There’s little so lovely as receiving a genuine compliment, and (see point 5) it doesn’t cost a thing.

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