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Not after pouring in hundreds of millions to develop the East Village land, build the 4th St S. The bottom line appears to be this: Calgary Sports and Entertainment is welcome to pitch for a new arena on the Stampede grounds, as long as the cost is reasonable, and the owners don’t expect any leverage from an Olympic bid.

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For several months he had been travelling back and forth between Calgary, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, where he had just completed filming a reality television program.“He was like a hawk that had seen his prey,” says Michelle Hull, one woman who met his criteria that night.“He said that he had an open relationship,” says Tutty.Tutty did not think much of Fiore, whom he’d met at a private party in the spring during one of her visits to Canada with Jenkins.And he had reason to be skeptical of his friend’s professed feelings for the woman he still called his wife: Jenkins was working the Living Room—a trendy Calgary hotspot—collecting telephone numbers from the buxom blonds he had always found so irresistible.

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