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She never did house calls and usually worked out of a chiropractor's office (service was either standalone or part of a patient's treatment plan).

His height (for leverage) and strength allowed him to more effectively 'get into' some of my muscles.

There's always a possibility that she may cheat on you if your relationship is on the rocks because she has access to so many men.

And, no, i didn't give them any extra tip afterward because i didn't ask for it.

The fact, however, is that every woman is capable of regular orgasm. Young women are also made to believe that sex is dirty, painful and defiling.

In fact many do start on the right path only to be stopped by the impatience and ignorance of their men. They grow up with a sense of secrecy, fear and shame about sex.

This means by the time the woman is warming up, the man would have breasted the tape. Rejection, resentment, criticism, disrespect and poor attitude hamper orgasm.

He turns and snores off, leaving his woman bewildered. Others include smell, insecure environment, poor shape or appearance of man and fear of pregnancy. The solution Couples must openly talk sexual lives.

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Most Ghanaian women have, therefore, been reduced to sexual objects to be used at the pleasure of their men.Talk freely of your likes or dislike and what makes you feel good. You need to know three basic matters to be a good lover and help your woman to climax. A woman's brain is the most important sexual organ.Compare notes and have a good understand of what matters to each other. First you have to appreciate the sexual differences between men and women. For her to enjoy you, you must make her feel loved and cherished.Many feel pain because of a lack of lubrication and aggressive pelvic thrusting. Sex in marriage is holy and an act of worship because you do what God has commanded you to do.Never be ashamed of your organs God created, called good and asked you use. He may therefore, go for anything in skirt and blouse.

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