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Nobody can quite tell how people will react to anything, making the creation of a popular work a crapshoot.However, it's assumed that most creators hold an equal or greater amount of affection for their work than their fans.

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When I came back I worked at Filmation Studios just to earn money to pay my rent. Paur also disliked arming Batman with a screwdriver, but had his hands full wrestling with an as yet unsatisfying storyboard crew.I didnt like it (at) all." was completed I decided it did not look the greatest of films. It had technique, the characters were well drawn, the Xerox process retained the fine lines so I could see all of the self indulgence of the animators, each one saying, Look how great I am, but the story itself had no soul." "We felt like we were animating the same picture over and over again with just the faces changed a little. They were, for the most part reviled by the entire crew. But some nice work did shine though." "Great crew - fantastic dedication of talented people but a doomed mess from concept on. I think the project was like the proverbial elephant being examined by the blind scientists. "I had to get rid of most of these boards and start from scratch," he said. Our schedule was so tight, that small things got by." Noted producer Bruce Timm, "I can't even watch that show. Normally, I tell the director to do what he can to make it interesting, and nobody could figure out a way to make it interesting.In contrast, Walt always found something new to delight an audience. I "directed" on it for almost 3 years but resigned ultimately. Different directors, writers, and producers all tried to make different movies, and it ended up a mish-mash." And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. But that's why I didn't quite feel that Elmer filled the bill. It's the epitome of what we don't want to do with Batman. The storyboard artists didn't care, and it shows." "I tried to kill this show, but they didn't let me," said director Frank Paur.It actually is a script that is similar to the '60s series, but when you do something like this comedy, you must remember that even thought the script may be goofy, you have to show that the characters are living it.When Earl drops the tires on Penguin's henchmen, he thinks Batman's dead and he's crying." "It was written by Henry Gilroy, who had never written cartoons before," said producer Bruce Timm.

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