Individuals taught to love who they are, will love others as they are more deeply.

They will be capable of seeing beyond the differences between us, and able to keep our ability to love and be loved alive.

Each one of us finds creative ways of keeping our candles lit.

The true objective is to keep your candle lit and generating light for a lifetime.

We take less time to make real contact with each other. It appears that the ‘cure’ for this global love crisis will not occur at the level of governments or organizations. Instead, the responsibility falls once again to the individual.Hope everyone enjoys and This group is designated to meet all our needs and wants pertaining love,dating,friendship,feel free to post.below are the things not recommended in the room failure to do so will be addressed by the panels.(1)Racism:we don't want anything pertaining to This group was established for all Parrotlet and parrot fanatics.Imagine you are born with your own unique candle that is lit at the precise moment of your birth.Once lit, your candle is in constant danger of blowing out, more so, the younger you are.

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