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MIT is obviously highly selective, but for those who make the cut for the Media Lab, research is fully supported – no one needs to spend a dime on what may be the finest education in the field, with an ROI of over 0,000.

Cost, of course, is a concern for most working professionals returning to school to develop a new credential, as well as for first-generation and underprivileged students seeking entry into the professional world in a wide-open field.

That’s why Value Colleges has compiled this ranking of the Best Values in UX Design Master’s Programs.

In a new field, with little hard data and information to go on, prospective students may feel lost; with the guidance of a Best Value ranking, you can be sure that the degree program you choose will pay off in the long run.

For a public university that combines affordability with globally-recognized excellence, Purdue offers the definition of a great value.

The oldest public college or university in the west, San Jose State University, in San Jose, CA, holds its own with the top private and public computer science programs in the world.

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