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It is also illegal to let premises for prostitution.

Section 233 of the 1999 law on prostitution criminalises 'any person who incites or invites other persons to prostitution or exhibits immoral habits in a manner which is likely to annoy others or arouse public offence.' Other than this provision it is not illegal to sell sex without the involvement of an employer, landlord, advertiser or any other third party involvement.

Female must register and must undergo regular health checks for sexually transmitted diseases every 20 days and police can check whether the prostitutes are registered and have attended the STI clinic or not.

Operators of unlicensed brothels and unregistered sex workers are guilty of an offence.

Sex can be sold legally within government controlled brothels as well as in other small establishments.

It is illegal to induce a person to sell sex and to promote sexual immorality by acting as an intermediary, or to derive profit from the activities of any person engaging in 'sexual immorality as a profession.' Thus operating a brothel, living on the earnings of a prostitute and procuring are illegal.

Official policy is to focus on limiting trafficking and child sexual exploitation.

All sex workers must apply for a permit to enter the country to work.

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Procuring a person for prostitution, whether or not that person is already a prostitute or an ‘inmate of a brothel’, either in Antigua and Barbuda or elsewhere is illegal.An extra provision makes it illegal to be a ‘common prostitute wandering in the public streets or public highways, or in any place of public resort and behaving in a riotous or indecent manner’.The law applies to both men and women who sell sex. (1) which makes ‘buggery’ illegal is used for against transgender and male sex workers.It is an illegal for a person living with HIV to have sexual intercourse without disclosing their HIV status to the sexual partner.Since 2001 sex can be sold from permitted brothels and by licensed sex workers.

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