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The collection also covers Italian, Flemish, French, British, and German paintings as well as Neoclassical Italian sculptures.

The Prado Museum displays around 2,300 pieces of the collection in more than 100 rooms on three floors.

These routes showcase the most renowned pieces in the collection including the famous painting of the Prado, Las Meninas.

This magnificent painting of the Spanish royal family of Felipe IV was created by Velázquez in 1656.

The majestic Neoclassical facade features Ionic columns and Doric pilasters, based on drawings that the sculptor Bernini originally intended for the Louvre in Paris. The most striking feature of the interior is the imposing staircase at the entrance hallway, with a fresco of , that leads up to the main floor.

This grandiose palace is the Spanish version of Versailles, a royal court designed to impress.Other must-see works among the museum's top 50 masterpieces include the by Bosch.Visitors can also opt to use the museum's audio guide (for a small fee), which includes a tour of 50 masterpieces.Diehard art lovers can select the full-version audio-guide tour that covers 250 works.Tourists will also appreciate the museum's gift shop and the café with a pleasant outdoor terrace.

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